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Eastwood Farm - Wild Wednesday
Invertebrates & Pond Dipping
30th July 2014

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Another wonderful summer evening with Rupert Higgins. We first walked through the meadow and sweeping our nets found a range of crickets (one with a leg missing), grasshoppers, moths, shield bugs and a very small toad. One area of taller vegetation was particularly popular with white legged damsel flies.

By the track we found a dragon fly - a migrant hawker - before pond-dipping at the lagoon to find water boatmen & water snails as well as a small frog and some small fish. It was then back to Beese's for refreshment.

A big thank you also to Beese's Riverside Bar & Tea Gardens for their support of the Wild Wednesday's.

More Wild Wednesdays:

• 27th August - Bat walk - Paula Spiers, 7.30pm

• 17th Sept - Tree Walk, Richard Bland, 7.00pm

No need to book - just turn up

Coffee or tea will be available at Beese's after the walks.

Meet in in Beese's car park - directions on Beese's website.

Beese's ferry will be running from Conham
(from approx 15 min before the walk start time - and they will take you back afterwards!).


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